Top 5 SEO Trends To Skyrocket Your Traffic

Over the past two years, the definition of marketing has evolved at an alarming rate and no doubt that progress can be seen. Be it a newbie blogger or a seasoned entrepreneur, the efforts that one needs to target the audience must be accurate, and for that to happen you need to optimize your site.

With SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you can easily boost your site’s traffic and will be able to draw the attention of potential customers. With an SEO friendly site, you can even place it on the first page of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). There are about 200+ factors that Google consider before ranking a site. Here are the top 5 SEO trends that you need to know so that your site can gain remarkable traffic.

Try To Make Use Of User-Focused Conten

Whenever you create content, and make sure that you are reading it from the reader’s point of view. This way you can determine if the content offers the required values and if it highlights the authenticity of your brand. Before you step into the nitty-gritty of SEO, learning the basics is a must.

No matter how much effort you put to optimize your website if the content doesn’t reach your targeted audience then it’s of no use. Always be loyal to what you write about your brand, don’t just bluff. Based on your context, readers will trust your brand and associate with it. So be authentic and stick to user-friendly and focused content.

Keep An Eye Over The Impact Of BERT

BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is an algorithm that uses natural language processing and machine learning to puzzle out what the users are looking for. You can take the advantage of it to determine the intent of a user.

Moreover, you need to keep in mind that the sites that fail to match the content-intent structure, end up lower on the next pages. Your purpose needs to be focused on multi-intent keywords. For instance, if a user is searching for “content writing” then chances are even that they want to know about the procedure and if the keyword says “content writing services,” probably he/she is looking for a new content writing role.

Focus On Core Web Vitals

Last year, Google announced to introduce CWV (Core Web Vitals). Now, it will be more challenging for websites to rank on search pages. The page loading speed is the metric that CWV will primarily focus on.

Use Quality Backlinks

When you place your website to rank on Google, it will check how commendable and authoritative the content is. If the search engine marks your site as authentic and trustworthy, your ranking will get a boost. Besides focusing on developing high-quality SEO content, you have to work on generating quality SEO Organic Traffic and backlinks.

Mobile-friendly SEO

These days, Google has leaned more toward mobile-friendly sites rather than desktop sites and the matrix is simple, mobile users are more in number than desktop/PC/Laptop users. Hence, mobile-friendly sites will have more search indexes placed by the web crawlers.

When you run a business and try to shift it online, your focus needs to be on improving the page loading speed, interactivity, responsiveness, and content arrangement. Overall, it’s better to work with a mobile-friendly approach rather than dealing with a desktop site.

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