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Social Media Management for Businesses

By engaging and measuring your audience, you can create a strategy that results in measurable impact. We help you understand what works, so you can share the right message at the right time.

Curated Content Creation & Promotion

Boost your social media following and increase brand awareness with professionally-curated content.

Engaging High Social Search Volume

Engaging high social search volume while ensuring that your customer’s voice is always heard at the top of the funnel.

Motivating the Traffic for Conversion

Increase your conversion rates and your revenue with the right social media marketing strategies.


How We Develop Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media has transformed research methodologies. To launch a brand, proper strategy and execution are required. At DigiRocket Technologies, SMM enables brands to interact more effectively with their customers, strengthen their relationships with them, and shape consumer engagement to ensure they are as aligned with the organization’s goals as feasible.

Social Trend Research

Content marketing is a competitive edge that will win you customers, leads, and a deeper understanding of your audience. It’s the most important step you can take in today’s social media landscape.

Profile Build Up

We focus our analysis on aesthetics and adjust for demographic variance to improve interpretability. Based on social media, our process presents a unified way to constructing a profile of subjective well-being

Creative Content

We pride ourselves on creating fresh and engaging content that aligns with your brand identity. We have plenty of experience working across multiple media platforms, including social media and blog posts.

Sharing & Promotion

It’s vital to share content on social media to increase website traffic and revenue. Sharing and promoting content on social media can be a useful strategy for generating traffic quickly.

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Social Media Platforms Managed by US


Fcaebook strategize upon local marketing, advertising, and relationships. It significantly alter how people communicate with one another in communities, businesses, and other organizations. The degree to which one believes information to be credible is characterized as information credibility.


LinkedIn is an inspiring community that promotes leadership, education, and core principles. It is a great platform for demonstrating your company culture and establishing your personal brand in addition to your corporate brand. You can increase brand awareness and develop your visual identity among a wide range of audiences.


Instagram is well-known for its diverse content , as well as for allowing users to follow influencers and businesses who reflect  values. It enables you to develop a persona that your audience can get to know, relate to, and trust.


Did you know that more than 300 million(1) people use Twitter and that there are over 350,000 tweets per minute? Well, I think I got you hooked up for the article already. If you have a business or if you are planning to start one — with just the right content and correct Twitter optimization you can find potential customers through Twitter.

Plans and Pricing

Plan Comparison







No. Of Posts / Month




No. Of Stories / Month




Original Content Creation
for SMM

Hashtags Targeting

Upto 5

Upto 15

Upto 30

No. Of Characters
For Captions / Month

Upto 5000

Upto 10000

Upto 15000

Pixel Integration

Additional Social Media




Google Analytics Implementation

Customer Enquiries & Relations

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