Importance of UI/UX Web Designing For SEO

There has been an endless debate that’s been going on over the internet for a long time. Today, this topic will reveal and clear out all the myths that you have on the importance of UI/UX for successful SEO in your online business.  In fact, if your UX/UI design is poor, your website will not be visible on the SERPs, and therefore, will not be successful leading towards a successful approach.

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The concept that says, UX/UI is important for SEO can be understood, but it’s not simple to understand the metrics on how to improve it. At present, online businesses are dealing with constant algorithm updates and sophisticated search engines that are kept confidential. That’s the reason why SEO metrics can run you crazy, it’s not even an exact science, and you will be way more confused with your moves.

These days, it’s clear that search engines are turning out to be effective in analyzing the values that a website hold. However, you should remember that you are dealing with an advanced version of a machine that has its way to read out the web content, it will not be similar to that of a human.

That’s why user interface design is a crucial aspect of SEO, whereas user experience design places a major role in conversions through sales drive. When both the UX & UI will be put together and optimized, your SEO performance will get a positive impact.

Why User Interface is Important for SEO?

In simple words, you can compare the user interface to a car’s engine. If you have a nice well-maintained polished and shiny car body, but an outdated engine, that doesn’t work properly, then it will need assistance, if not completely useless. That’s exactly how you need to design your user interface to meet your users’ expectations and boost performance on search engines at the same time.

Here are a few things that you can do to have it all good.

  • Run A Clean Code –

Your objective is to make it simple for the search crawlers to find their way through your page, that is a critical step UI step. It’s obvious that your users will be unaware of your coding pattern but, search engines consider it to understand the website’s content and structure.

You will get a negative score with a messy code and as a result, your web design will be penalized. Moreover, with a chaotic code, your website’s performance will be unappealing to both your site visitors and search engines.

  • Easy Navigation –

With a well-designed UI, you can easily anticipate what your user needs from you and can offer the best. In other words, you will have an organized menu that would be easy to navigate. Besides that, your website will also rank on the search results.

When you have a clean site navigation and website structure, it generates the potential to activate site links that appears on the SERPs. These types of websites remain on the priority list of Google and this will extend you up to several opportunities to drive traffic to your site.  

  • Responsive Design –

Another factor that is important for SEO is responsiveness. After the remarkable update of 2018, Google now considers the mobile version of a site as the main website. Therefore, you will have extremely limited SEO performance until you get an optimized UI for mobile devices. So, it is recommended to have professional web designing services.

What Makes User Interface Ineffective?

The major problem is that you don’t have a clear idea of what your audience wants from you. Lack of information or understanding will prevent you from generating quality and effective content. This way you will confuse both your visitors and search engines.

Another issue may be with the platform that you use. For instance, Drupal and WordPress are great tools to build and develop your site. However, avoid using too many elements, plug-ins, or add-ons, you will create a mess and eventually, your site’s performance will degrade.

That’s the reason why it is recommended that if you are not well-versed with the concept of UI/UX, then it is good to seek help from a professional SEO service providing company that can optimize your site, clear out messed-up codes, eliminate unnecessary elements, and can analyze your content. This way they will help you create a UX/UI optimized SEO for high performance.

How User Experience Effects SEO Performance

When we discuss user experience, the main focus is to ensure that when a site user enters the website, he/she must be satisfied with what comes on the screen, be it regarding the content or navigating through your website, the goal is to offer a smooth experience. The retention of a visitor will depend on the quality of the user experience that you have created. This will decide if the user will purchase your product/service or just leave the site.

In reality, user experience design is not directly linked with SEO, however, it does contribute to the performance of your website

At present, without any doubt, we can say that search engines are quite advanced, but the fact is that they can not read or evaluate your content like a human. In order to go through the content, they extend the use of metrics as quality indicators as the sites based on those metrics. A few of those metrics are directly and closely related to UX. For instance, backlinks, bounce rate, and time spent on pages are a few metrics that play their role in either enhancing or degrading your SEO ranking. These metrics depend on your UX or how users interact with your website. Other UX and SEO determining factors include –

  • Meta Tags –

The first thing that people notice about your website is its appearance on SERPs. To entice clicking, you have to optimize both your meta description and meta title. In case, your meta tags are not receiving enough clicks the search engines will consider your content as not valuable. Therefore, it is essential that you perfectly mention your meta title and description. Moreover, don’t forget about quality keywords, both long and short tail, they make it more appealing to the readers and give them a reason to enter your site.

  • Bounce Rate & Internal Linking –

Your goal is to engage your site visitor. Once they enter the site, make sure that they are spending enough time reading the content, navigating through different pages and more. The more time they spend the better score you will get from the crawlers. You can achieve this by creating organic and valuable content that primarily addresses the specific needs of your visitors.

In addition to that, you can also add internal links that will direct the visitors to additional content on your website. Together, all of these will increase the amount of time that the visitors spend on your site. This way your site will face less bounce rate and eventually you will get benefits in terms of SEO performance and business.

  • Inbound Links –

Another benefit that you can have from adding unique and valuable content to your website is that other people will find them interesting and they will start to link people to your pages. The backlinks that you will receive are the most important factors by which you can boost your SEO performance. Here, your goal is to acquire more and more backlinks. Remember, to stay authentic throughout the process.

  • Speed –

Your site’s page loading speed is another important factor in UX. Visitors will discourage slow-loading websites and as mentioned above, they will instantly abandon them and thereby hampering your SEO.


To make your online business a huge success, both User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are important. To create a positive impact on your SEO performance, you need to make sure that they are optimized as per the standard set by Google. But, how will you know that?

If you are still wondering then DigiRocket Technologies has the answer for you. With our straightforward approach, we understand the need for a search engine crawler, and based on that we plan and design a website. Our creative, experienced, and quality team will pass your website through tests, acquire required feedback from the users, technically improve the performance and then only launch your site.

DigiRocket Technologies is a top website development company in the US-based online brand building association that has been serving clients for over a decade now. Our strength is our unique ability to analyze the requirements based on specific geographic location and based on the type of targeted audience, we select the core module of our content. If you are looking for the best UX/UI design to help boost your SEO, then DigiRocket Technologies is your one-stop solution. For more information get in touch with us at

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