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Startup – Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing

At Digirocket, we offer a comprehensive range of marketing services designed to boost your online presence and drive your business forward. Our services include marketing plan development, campaign execution, and optimization to make sure you reach your target audience effectively.

Our dedicated full-time senior digital strategist will work closely with you, providing consulting and strategy development. They will also monitor your online reputation, helping you maintain a positive image in the digital world.

You’ll benefit from regular performance meetings and receive monthly activity and KPI reports, keeping you informed about your progress. We offer a quarterly performance presentation and monthly analytics and insights reports.

Plus, our Google Data Studio dashboard offers real-time data visualization, making it easy for you to track your performance.

With email and chat support, you’ll have direct access to our team whenever you need assistance or have questions. We’re here to support your business’s growth, every step of the way.

Upto 4 Marketing Services/Month

With Digirocket Technologies Enterprize marketing package, you get access to up to 4 marketing services per month. These services cover various aspects of digital marketing, from consulting and strategy development to executing and optimizing campaigns. You can expect regular performance review sessions, weekly activity reports, and quarterly performance presentations. Our dedicated senior digital strategists make sure your online reputation is monitored closely.

We provide insights through Google Data Studio dashboards and offer monthly analytics reports. This comprehensive package helps boost your online presence and drive success for your business.

Consulting & Strategy Development

At Digirocket Technologies, we offer consulting and strategy development services to improve your digital presence. In order to provide you with effective performance marketing services, we work closely with you to understand your business goals and devise strategies.

We provide expert guidance, helping you make informed decisions for effective online marketing. Our aim is to build a roadmap that increases your brand’s visibility, engagement, and growth, making sure you stay ahead in the digital landscape.

Campaign Execution & Optimization

Campaign Execution & Optimization refers to the process of implementing and managing marketing campaigns, such as advertising or promotional efforts, and continuously improving their performance. It involves tasks like setting up ad campaigns, monitoring their progress, adjusting strategies to improve results, and optimizing various elements to achieve better outcomes.

We excel in running ad campaigns for your business. Our expert team strategizes, executes, and optimizes your campaigns to guarantee they reach the right audience, increase brand visibility, and drive results. We provide effective marketing and advertising campaigns to help your business succeed online.

Bi-Weekly Performance Meeting Review Sessions

Digirocket Technologies holds Bi-Weekly performance meeting review sessions, to review the performance of marketing campaigns and strategies.

These sessions involve analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs), discussing the results, and making adjustments or improvements to make sure the marketing efforts are on track and meeting their goals. It’s a proactive approach to continuously monitor and optimize the performance of marketing activities.

Weekly activities + KPI Reports

At Digirocket Technologies, we provide our clients with weekly activities and KPI reports as part of our services. Our weekly activities involve executing various marketing tasks to boost your online presence, and our KPI reports offer insightful metrics to help you gauge the success of your marketing efforts. These regular updates are designed to keep you well-informed and aligned with your business goals.

Monthly Analytics & Insights Report

Our Monthly Analytics & Insights Report service at Digirocket is all about providing you with straightforward data and information about your online performance. We break down the complex analytics into easy-to-understand insights, helping you make informed decisions and optimize your digital strategies.

Email/Chat Support

At Digirocket Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you through email and chat. We guarantee a timely resolution of your inquiries within 24-48 hours. The specific turnaround time may vary depending on the complexity and number of issues you raise, but rest assured, we handle each case effectively and without any exceptions.


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