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Enterprize – Social Media Management

30 Posts/Month

A consistent online presence is important in today’s digital age. This feature allows you to share relevant content regularly, helping you build a strong online presence. 

Especially, social Media posts are essential for businesses looking to grow online. They keep your social media alive, making sure your brand stays on your audience’s radar. 

That is why, our marketing team offers regular social media postings every month, where-in you receive 30 engaging social media posts, providing daily opportunities to connect with your audience. 

10 Stories/Month

Stories provide a dynamic avenue to expand your reach. You can use them to direct viewers to fresh product releases, blog posts, and other content. Some platforms even offer swipe-up links, making it simple for viewers to visit your website. This encourages them to explore what you have to offer. 

Our marketing team works to make sure we have 10 stories every month. We create these interesting stories to keep your audience engaged and persuade them to check out your online store. We handle the creative part and timing. 

Original Content Creation 

DigiRocket specializes in creating original content for each client. The process makes your brand unique and tells a story all about itself. We come up with fresh ideas, write cool articles, and create eye-catching graphics. stand out in the digital world. It’s all about being different and leaving a memorable impression online.

SMM Upto 30 Hashtags

This feature is crucial because it makes your social media stand out. It’s like having a unique voice that people remember. The hashtags help more people discover your posts, and fresh content keeps your online presence updated. We use up to 30 hashtags to reach more people. Fresh content and relevant hashtags make your business grow in terms of traffic and number of views. 

Upto 15000 Characters For Captions/Month

We understand that the right words can transform your content and boost your online presence. Our creative team keeps a close eye on the latest trends and hot topics to make sure your captions are not just words but valuable, but also shareable. 

We provide up to 15,000 characters of captivating text each month, making sure, your posts, articles, and social media content are informative, catchy and appealing. 

Using trending phrases and user-friendly language, our marketing team writes captions that connect with your target audience.

Pixel Integration 

Pixel Integration involves adding a small piece of code to your website, which helps track and gather data about your visitors. 

This data is crucial for understanding how people interact with your site, what they like, and where they might leave. 

By integrating a pixel, you gain insights into your audience’s behavior, helping you refine your online strategy. 

At DigiRocket Technologies, our team integrates pixels to make sure your website functions smoothly while providing you with important information. 

This feature is also essential for optimizing your website, running successful marketing campaigns, and making informed decisions for your business.


Our social media marketing team understands the importance of Twitter posting. 

We work to create and share content that connects with your target audience. Whether it’s informative articles, eye-catching visuals, or engaging questions, our team makes sure that your Twitter feed remains active and interesting. 

We use strategic hashtags and interactive elements to boost engagement and reach a broader audience. With a consistent posting schedule, we keep your Twitter presence strong and help your brand stay relevant.


Posting on LinkedIn is important for professionals and businesses. It’s where people connect professionally, share ideas, and network. 

When you post regularly on LinkedIn, you show that you’re knowledgeable and active in your field.

At DigiRocket, we understand how crucial LinkedIn posting is. Our team creates and shares content that’s interesting to your professional connections. We share articles, thoughts, and  posts to keep your LinkedIn profile active and help you connect with others. 

We use LinkedIn’s features like articles and updates to boost your visibility and provide value to your connections.

Google Analytics Implementation 

Google Analytics Implementation means, setting up Google Analytics on your website to track and analyze visitor data.

It is a critical step in the process of understanding your website’s performance. 

Our team at DigiRocket makes sure this tool is added correctly to your website. It’s important because it helps you know if your website is working well and if your online ads and efforts are paying off. With Google Analytics, you can track the success of your online efforts, measure the impact of marketing campaigns, and identify areas for optimization. 

Customer Enquiries & Relations:

“Customer Enquiries & Relations” refers to the process of handling customer inquiries and maintaining positive customer relationships. It involves addressing customer questions, providing assistance with any issues or concerns, and maintaining their overall satisfaction. 

Maintaining customer relations is a crucial aspect of our business strategy. We prioritize consistent communication and support to make sure that our customers receive the attention they deserve. This includes addressing their inquiries promptly, offering solutions to their concerns, and maintaining their overall satisfaction with our products or services.

Through regular follow-ups, feedback collection, and a proactive approach to problem-solving, we not only maintain strong customer relations but also continually improve our offerings to better serve our clients. 

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